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As the life expectancy of Americans increases, aging parents require more assistance with their activities of daily living. The responsibility for providing that care often falls on their adult children. In most cases, adult children simply are not prepared to be caregivers for their aging parents. The Voice For Seniors is dedicated to providing information to help ease the burden of adult children who find themselves thrust into the role of caregiving for aging parents.

Aging parents are healthy mentally and physically may only require a little bit of assistance from their children. Those whose parents are beginning to decline mentally or physically may have to provide more moderate assistance as they consider planning for long-term care. Others have parents who require significant in-home care or are already in nursing homes, which can create new stressful challenges. Whatever stage of care your parent is in, The Voice For Seniors seeks to provide guidance to help better the lives of aging parents and make the job of caregiver easier and less stressful.

Helping parents is our highest priority. What do your parents need?

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