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6: My Mom’s Journey Through Dad’s Alzheimer’s – Part 1

006 – The Voice For Seniors

TITLE: My Mom’s Journey with Dad’s Alzheimer’s – Part 1


David Terry, Mom Terry


In this episode, host and lawyer David Terry speaks with his Mom about what she went through as she became a caretaker for his Dad as he battled Alzheimer’s disease. Mom’s goal is to explain what she experienced and what she did to help Dad.

David and Mom Terry discuss the following:

Some of the initial signs that Dad was developing Alzheimer’s disease. This includes forgetfulness, inappropriate questions or statements made in social settings, loss sense of reality, and not remembering people’s names.

How to deal with person who is developing forgetfulness and what to expect and what not to expect. Mom Terry says that it is always best to try to distract the Alzheimer’s victim rather than argue with them because you can never win the argument. Their brains simply can’t process logic anymore so arguing with them only worsens the situation.

Mom Terry explains how a support group helped her how to cope with Dad’s situation and also helped her as she was able to help new members to the group. Accepting help and giving help are crucial for a caregiver.

Mom Terry talks about how important it is to be able to laugh. Laughing at something that the Alzheimer’s victim says or does is not disrespecting them in any way. It is recognizing that to personally cope with the stress you have to allow yourself to laugh. David and Mom Terry share some stories of events that happened that were sad and funny at the same time.

Mom Terry gives many other details about how to take care of a loved one who is exhibiting sings of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  If you need advice on this issue from someone who has lived it…this episode is a must.


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