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COVID-19: Expert Answers Will Life Ever Get Back to Normal? Yes, but….

TITLE: COVID-19: Expert Answers Will Life Ever Get Back to Normal?  Yes, but….


David Terry, Dr. William Haseltine


In this episode, host and lawyer David Terry talks in depth with Dr. William Haseltine, a well-known scientist on the cutting edge of the Covid-19 pandemic who is a regular guest on television news shows sharing his experience.  Dr. Haseltine has been a professor in the Harvard Medical School Department of Pathology and in the Cancer Biology Department of the Harvard School of Public Health and is an expert on HIV/AIDS virus research. This discussion includes What exactly is COVID-19? What does it do to the body? Why it is so contagious? When will there be a vaccine? When will life get back to normal?

They discussed the following points:

Why is Covid-19 different than other viruses that we know about and treat effectively?

Why is Covid-19 so contagious?

Dr. Haseltine addresses a huge issue that nursing homes SHOULD be doing since nursing homes are ground zero for Covid-19

What does COVID do to the body that some of these other viruses don’t?

What is a realistic timetable for an effective vaccine?

What is a realistic timetable for life to “get back to normal”?

Dr. Haseltine has written two books that are designed to help families understand and protect themselves and their loved ones from Covid-19. Both books are free at

The first book is called A Family Guide to COVID (free download password is AskDrBill)

The second book is called A COVID Back to School Guide  (free download password is BacktoSchool)


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Dr. William Haseltine

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