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“Granny Cams”: Cameras in Nursing Homes (Part 2)

TITLE: “Granny Cams”: Cameras in Nursing Homes (Part 2)


David Terry, Majorie Moore


In this episode, host and lawyer David Terry, invites back Marjorie Moore who is the Executive Director of VOYCE in Missouri. This is the follow up episode to episode 3 which discussed the legal right for family members to have cameras in the rooms of nursing home residents. The Missouri bill permitting “Granny Cams” has been signed into law, so this episode follows up on that huge issue. 

Here are the highlights of the discussion:

Missouri family members are now legally permitted to install open and unhidden video cameras in the nursing home room of their loved one. But family members must follow the rules. 

Currently we are operating on emergency rules, but the proposed permanent rules are very similar. There is a comment period on the new rules set for October 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020.  

The Rules:

  • 1) Fill out the paperwork. So the family or the resident, If the resident still has legal control over themselves, the resident has to fill this out and has to consent to have basically say I want my family to be able to see me otherwise, if the family has that control the power of attorney, then they can do that. And if there’s a Guardian, The Guardian can do that. Basically, whoever has the legal control has to fill out a form. 
  • 2) Must get consent from roommates and family members.
  • 3) Finalize permission with nursing home to install camera or audio recording device which must be open, obvious and secure. 
  • 4) Signage must be posted on the door that recording is in progress. 

So we’ve talked about the paperwork, we’ve talked about the actual setup, anything else that we need to know about before implementing a camera in the nursing home? The other things, if your roommate doesn’t consent to this, you can ask the facility to move you to another room with a roommate who would consent to it. Now, they may not be able to, there may not be an available room, they may not be an available room with a roommate who will consent, I think an ideal thing for facilities to do is to pair people who want monitoring into the same room so that they can both consent to their own stuff that may be a stumbling block, for some people is just even getting a roommate to sign off on that. And I think the key is making sure that you as the family, you’re monitoring that footage, because what’s the point of recording it if you aren’t checking on it periodically?

For guidance on how to follow this new law, VOYCE has provided the following website:


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