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How Chaos in New York Led to a National Movement for Nursing Home Reform

TITLE: How Chaos in New York Led to a National Movement for Nursing Home Reform


David Terry, Vivian Zayas


In this episode, host and lawyer David Terry, invited to Vivian Zayas, creator of the Facebook Group “Voices For Seniors” and an advocate of nursing home reforms to discuss how she became an advocate for seniors. Vivian recounts how her mother was a victim of reckless decisions made by Gov. Cuomo of New York that ultimate resulted in her death and led Vivian into a life of advocacy. 

 They talked about the following points:

The political decisions that affected her mother’s care and the care of so many other nursing home residents in New York. 

Why didn’t she just go back to your normal life and why she has become such an advocate.

How she formed the Facebook Group “Voices For Seniors” and she describes their mission.

What are some of the things “Voices For Seniors” is doing to advocate for Nursing Home residents in New York and around the country.

Expanding their group “Voices For Seniors” and their vision for the state chapters

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