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The Time For Cameras In Nursing Homes Is Now, But Not Every State Agrees

#003 – Listen in as experts and advocates for seniors across the country discuss the benefits of cameras in nursing homes (known as Granny cams) as well as the current legislative progress to legalize them.

David Terry discusses the state of Granny cams with three advocates for seniors. Marjorie Moore is the Executive Director of VOYCE in St. Louis, Missouri. VOYCE is an organization dedicated to helping to give a voice to senior citizens in Missouri and has been a strong advocate for cameras in nursing homes for several years. She will discuss the recent legislation in Missouri permitting cameras in nursing homes and the potential benefits if it is signed into law by the Governor.

Steve Piskor made national and international headlines when he revealed hidden camera footage of his mother being abused by eight employees of her nursing home. Steve became a strong advocate in Ohio to end nursing home abuse and neglect and has consistently pushed for the passage of Esther’s Law, named after his mother, which would permit family members to legally place cameras in their loved one’s nursing home rooms.

Anna Doroghazi is the Associate Director of the AARP in Connecticut. AARP has been a leader in advocating for issues involving seniors. Anna lives in a state that where families do not have the right to install cameras in nursing homes to monitor their loved ones. She talks about what they are doing in Connecticut to educate legislators on the benefits of Granny cams.

Whether you are in a state the permits cameras or not, each of our guests this week has something for you.  Tune in to a terrific discussion on one of the most relevant and important issues facing seniors today.

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