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Tips to Keep Seniors Safely in Their Homes as Long as Possible

TITLE: Tips to Keep Seniors Safely in their Home as Long as Possible


David Terry, Gretchen Kingma


In this episode, host and lawyer David Terry talks with Gretchen Kingma an occupational therapist and a realtor.  She has developed a program that she uses to help families determine how they can best keep aging parents and their homes as long as possible and in a safe manner. They discussed the analysis that she goes through and assessment on how they can help people renovate their homes to make it safe for mom and dad to stay there.

They discussed the following points:

  • How Gretchen went from occupational therapy to real estate where she specializes in advising seniors and their families on how to stay in their homes?
  • Gretchen explains the benefits to seniors staying in their homes instead of moving to a senior living facility, such as a assisted living facility or nursing home.
  • Gretchen explains the process she uses to help seniors determine if staying in their home is best for them. She begins with a functional assessment which looks at cognitive abilities as well as physical abilities such as reach, balance, endurance, and walking ability.
  • David and Gretchen discuss renovation cost and whether it is worth it. They discuss resale value, Universal design concepts and smart home features.
  • MAJOR revelation about costs and that there is untapped government assistance and grants that help with renovation costs. Gretchen identifies multiple options for people to use when renovating houses for seniors including HMOTA, which stands for Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance, MHDC Hero Program, Department of Veterans Affairs and even Medicaid waivers for low income seniors.
  • Gretchen addresses the myth of “it costs too much” when put in the context of alternative options such as senior living options.


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